Ted Tremper is an American filmmaker, writer, and improviser living in Los Angeles, California. You can find his production CV here

Ted with his alarm clock, "Pilgrim."

Early Childhood: "The Chef Boyardee Years"

(Ted Tremper’s first headshot. Circa 1995. Note: Mr. Tremper is no longer represented by Kid Biz.)

Ted Tremper grew up a cartoonishly obese child in the Pacific Northwest. His penchant for Chef Boyardee Ravioli and The Disney Afternoon forced him to develop a sense of humor in order to gain the attention of his contemporaries. He attended Medina Elementary School – the same institution where his grandparents met more than sixty years earlier.
For the sake of brevity, he has decided to summarize his experiences by listing the name of his teacher and the most valuable lesson(s) he learned during each year:
Kindergarten // Ms. Landon // Discovered his favorite letter is, “S,” because it looks like, and happens to be the first letter of the word, “Snake.”
First Grade // Ms. Olsen // Mastered both capital and lowercase lettering.
Second Grade // Ms. Llewelyn // Stepped it up to cursive handwriting. Learned elderly people can still have living parents. And, no matter how much you love geology, you will never use that rock tumbler.
Third Grade // Ms. Boyd // Fractions. And if you spend too much time in the bathroom avoiding school work, your teacher might ask in front of the whole class if it hurts when you poo.
Fourth Grade // Ms. “Janine” Rogel // Introduction to computer science and theater. That love is most powerful than watching your crush barf in front of the whole class while giving a presentation on how she lost a tooth over the winter break.  
Fifth Grade // Ms. Falsetto // Being on stage is a productive way to get attention. To always read notes from girls twice before ticking boxes labelled “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” 
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